Innovative legal solutions aligned to our clients-needs. A law firm specialized in corporate advising services and in the resolution of conflicts of
private persons.

KLAE is a law firm specialized in corporate consulting and the settlement of conflicts between private individuals that operates since 2005 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with three offices strategically located throughout the city (Downtown/Belgrano/Nuñez).

In KLAE we assist our clients with innovative legal solutions that are aligned with their needs and goals by providing them with the proper legal advice and also assisting them with litigation, both in court and arbitration proceedings. Our team analyzes the matter that the client needs to resolve, providing practical solutions that favor the strategy defined by them, both from a legal and a business or technical stand point.

KLAE offers advice in areas of law that are essential for modern corporate development and organization, assigning our clients an exclusive partner in order to provide personalized treatment. We intend to make our private clients feel they receive exactly the same service as the major corporations we serve, providing them with a comprehensive approach that fits their needs.

At KLAE legal knowledge is combined with personalized treatment, following strict professional performance standards in order to guarantee top-notch services with the highest compliance rules.

Areas of Practice

KLAE provides services in diverse areas of practice through its partners, associates and legal teams.

At KLAE we put together task forces for those cases that require deep analysis among our diverse areas of practice, in order to provide cross-cutting and comprehensive advice.

Civil and commercial contracts – E-commerce

Drafting, analysis, advising and negotiation of all sorts of civil and commercial contracts such as lease, purchase, distribution, agency, leasing, factoring, franchising, etc…
Vast experience in generating and negotiating unusual, rare and innovative  contracts that allow clients to reach the civil or commercial goal they seek.
E-commerce solutions and remote hiring modalities are available through the internet and the metaverse, with digital signature and electronic signature.

Telecommunications, media and technology –Social Media

Advising in the field of telecommunications and broadcasting, including the procedures to obtain licenses for the supply of different telecommunication and broadcasting services, radio frequency allocations and other services.
Assistance, drafting and negotiation of different types of contracts such as exchange of infrastructure, telecommunication equipment installation, interconnection, technology transfer, social media-related contracts, content generation and exchange, software license, hosting and negotiation of IP number contracts, inter alia.
Advising, negotiation and preparation of service applications, agreements for the supply of ICT services, advertising agreements, etc.
Litigation at Municipal Misdemeanors Courts in the event of closing down of premises and other proceedings derived of municipal inspections.
Dealings with the National Communications Agency (ENACOM), the Access to Public Information Agency and the National Directorate for Personal Data Protection.

Including administrative and judicial challenging of administrative actions, data base regulation and personal data protection. Specialized team to deal with the negotiation of site contracts.

Real Estate – Construction and remodeling and work places

We specialize in the analysis, drafting and creation of construction, funding and real estate development trust funds.
We assist our clients in all those contracts connected to this area, including contracts for the construction of households, offices and industrial facilities, remodeling, furnishing, interior design, etc…

Corporate and commercial law

Advising in the analysis of corporate structures, creation of domestic companies, as well as subsidiaries and/or branches of foreign companies, permanent or transitory business partnerships.
Advising in terms of corporate reorganization under mergers, acquisitions, transfers of capital stock and demergers, as well as in the liquidation and termination of companies.
Negotiation of shareholders’ contracts and/or agreements and stock trading.
Registration and administrative dealings with corporations’ comptroller and record agencies.
Advice in business disputes, foreclosures, matters related to negotiable securities, negotiable bonds, loans of goods, guaranteed or non-guaranteed loans.

Administrative law at national, provincial and municipal level

Advising on the regulatory frame of public services.

Advising and orientation in matters related to claims made before the national, provincial and municipal administration.
Litigation and filing of complaints at national, provincial and municipal administrative courts.
We bring action directly before the Province of Buenos Aires and municipalities of the Buenos Aires metropolitan area, being able to provide solutions to file complaints on behalf of our clients before other provincial and municipal governments and acting in judicial proceedings in those jurisdictions.
Advising on public procurement (preparation of offers, negotiation and drafting of derived contracts and consultations).

Tax law

Legal advice regarding rules and regulations at national, provincial, city of Buenos Aires and municipal level.
Representation in administrative proceedings (including tax inspections) before tax entities at all the local levels such as national (AFIP), provincial (ARBA), of the city of Buenos Aires (AGIP) and municipal of the Buenos Aires metropolitan area level, including the National Tax Court and the Federal Tax Commission.
Advising and assistance services in matters related to customs and international trade and in investigation proceedings before the General Customs Bureau and in subsequent administrative and court proceedings, including tax executions.

Labor law and social security

Preventive advising services, design of solutions and alternative resolution mechanisms for labor-related conflicts and outsourcing plans.
Drafting of labor contracts including procedures to hire foreign staff and companies to provide services in Argentina.
Collective bargaining contract analysis and negotiation.
Labor and social security-related litigation and dispute resolution, settlements before the National Labor Ministry and/or provincial entities.


Elaboration of procedural strategies, defense and follow-up of pre-trial proceedings in the city of Buenos Aires and the metropolitan area, as well as advising and assistance in court litigation.
Representation before civil, commercial and administrative litigation proceedings, including representation before the higher courts, including the Supreme Court, and the higher courts at the city of Buenos Aires and Province of Buenos Aires.
Participation in bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings representing creditors.
Renegotiation and recovery of debts.

Civil law and consumer protection law

Analysis of matters related to rental, purchase and bailment contracts, as well as matters involving succession and claims for damages of different sorts.
Defense of the rights of our private clients in their role of users and consumers both in administrative proceedings and in court.


Advising in the elaboration of integrity programs, training on issues related to the interaction between Argentine law (Act 27.401 and related provisions) and foreign laws and regulations, with particular focus on the US FCPA.
Adaptation processes of integrity programs to the environmental, social and corporate governance criteria (ESG) defined by clients to act as guidelines for their decisions and operations. Modern solutions in terms of ESGs aligned with governance processes that enable efficient operations, while also mitigating or avoiding an environmentally or social negative impact.

KLAE – Internacional Law

At KLAE we deal with and attend to the legal issues of our clients in different countries of the
region, in coordination with foreign law firms.
Through our associates in Argentina and their foreign offices we collaborate to provide our
clients with comprehensive solutions.
Our partners and extended staff are fluent in English, Portuguese and German.
We welcome your consultation.

Our Team

KLAE is made up by law professionals and advisors in other fields who have a solid background and well-established reputation, both in the academic and the working environment.

Each partner gathers and leads a dedicated group of highly qualified and experienced professionals.

KLAE also nurtures from the contribution and expertise of its associates. Consult each partner about the group of professionals they lead.

Diego Nicolás Kabbas

Diego Nicolás Kabbas graduated as a lawyer at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) in 1995.
He holds a Magister’s degree in Tax and Administrative Law of the University of Belgrano, he completed the annual course on Telecommunications Rights of the Argentine Association of Telecommunications Law (AADT) and took part in several postgraduate courses in administrative and corporate law corporate, as well as other specialties of UBA, among other.
Diego was the legal representative and legal adviser and lawyer of the Grupo Saquer, lawyer of the National Migration Office and Head of Litigation Affairs in Nextel Argentina for more than 7 years, as well as head lawyer, consultant and chairman in different companies.

He has taught Constitutional Law, Public International Law, Human Rights and Administrative Law at the School of Law of the University of Buenos Aires, having collaborated in the writing of several articles and books in these fields.
Diego specializes in matters related to administrative and tax, commercial and corporate law in general as well as in real estate, being the legal and corporate issues consultant of our clients for their businesses in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and other countries of the region. He has advised and taken part in all the corporate merger and acquisition procedures, as well as in the due diligence procedures of several companies.

Andrea Evangelina Lobato

Andrea Evangelina Lobato graduated as a lawyer at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) with honors in 1995.
She took part in several postgraduate law courses at the Universidad de Buenos Aires, inter alia.
Andrea acted as an advisor for several congressmen the National House of Representatives and advisor to the National Council of the Magistracy Commission.
She has taught Constitutional Law, Public International Law, Human Rights and Administrative Law at the School of Law of the University of Buenos Aires, having collaborated in the writing of several articles and books in these fields.
Her areas of expertise are litigation, civil and labor law.

Jorge Luis de Lucio

Jorge de Lucio graduated as a lawyer at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) in 1992.
He holds a magister’s degree in International Relations from the Latin American Faculty of Social Studies (FLACSO) and took several postgraduate courses in law and management at the University of Buenos Aires, IAE and Austral University, among other.
Jorge worked as a lawyer at Banco Francés, Citibank and Román Group to later become the legal affairs manager at Nextel Argentina, a position he held for 13 years. Subsequently, he joined Microsoft as Legal and Corporate Affairs Director for Argentina and Uruguay.
He was a Constitutional Law professor at the School of Law of the University of Buenos Aires.
His areas of expertise include IT, communications and commercial law in general, serving as consultant of our clients’ legal and corporate issues to conduct their businesses in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and other countries. In addition, he advised and participated in M&A proceedings, as well as in due diligence proceedings for debt restructuring. He is the chairman of the Legal and Tax Affairs/Legislation and Tax Committee of AmCham Argentina.

External Associates

Fernando Guerrero

Fernando Guerrero is a lawyer with a Master of Law (LLM) degree of the Washington College of Law, American University, specialized in commercial matters, with experience in finance and communications. Languages: Spanish and English.

Miriam Anders

Miriam Anders is a German lawyer, specialized in commercial and corporate law. Languages: Spanish, German and English.

Matías Vagedes

Matías Vagedes is a lawyer specialized in commercial matters, with vast experience in the development of new businesses. Languages: Spanish, German and English.

Engineering Consultants

Gabriel N. Sinesia

Gabriel N. Sinesia is an electromechanical engineer oriented to the field of electronics, owner of a consulting firm dedicated to the different technologies, rules and regulations applied to telecommunication networks’ infrastructures. He has proven and extensive experience in the communications market, particularly in the area of mobile telephony.

Carlos Durante

Carlos Durante is an electronic engineer, with vast experience in the administration of projects related to the deployment of mobile communication networks and as Project Manager in different engineering projects.

Belgrano Office

Address: Av. Crámer 1926, piso 6º, depto. “B” 

Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires (CP C1428CTD)


Phone: +54-11-5272-1208


Nuñez Office

Address: Manuel Ugarte 1665/7 piso 3 of 309

Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires (CP C1428BRC)


Phone: +54-11-5272-1208


Downtown Office (at VKLA)

Address: Av. Córdoba 487, piso 6º, depto. “K” 

Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires (CP C1054AAD)


Phone: +54-11-5272-1208


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